N 58.51,044
E 17.01,185

1. Drivers from south: take exit 134, PÅLJUNGSHAGE (it is the last of the exits for Nyköping, just at the Coop store.) Turn left, over the motorway E4, and drive straight forward in the roundabout towards STENBRO. Take a right in the intersection after approximately two kilometers and follow the sign RUNTUNA 16, drive through OXBACKEN. After driving through the small community Oxbacken keep driving for 9 kilometers and take a right at the sign ÅKRA 1, on your right side. Take a right between the farm buildings, drive past the mail boxes and take a left at the first avenue towards the white house!

2. Drivers from north: take exit 134, PÅLJUNGSHAGE (it is the first of the exits for Nyköping) turn right in the roundabout following the sign towards STENBRO. See directions under 1!

3. Drivers from Skavsta: Drive towards E4 and NYKÖPING, through two roundabouts (after, respectively, two and four kilometers) drive under the motorway E4 and take a left entering E4 in the northern direction towards STOCKHOLM. Drive towards the next exit, number 134, PÅLJUNGSHAGE. See directions under 1!

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