Welcome to Åkra gård


We offer a vide variety of services and products. Ranging from B&B to personalized hunting.

and Conventions

Confer at Åkra Gård when the conversations are in focus; without overhead or whiteboard! Discuss during walks in the beautiful surroundings. We offer customized and personal service and naturally, full discreetness.

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Second Hand

In the old pigsty there is nowadays a second hand store (clothes) a flea market (decorations, books and much more) and hunting equipment (from Walter Borg) for sale.


The store is open Monday Wednesday Friday and Sunday between 09.00 and 12.00.


American blueberries are grown on the farm since October 2007. We have approximately 330 plants with large delicious blue berries ready to be picked. Contact us for information about the harvest.


Email: liselotte@akra.se